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The Tokaido brand was first established in 1958 and is the world’s oldest manufacturer of karate uniforms. Since its development, the Tokaido brand has been supplying karate practitioners in Japan and all over the world with the finest uniforms, belts and other karate products. Tokaido was founded by Shizuo Sugiura, a martial arts enthusiast who grew tired of watching karate practised by athletes wearing the wrong uniforms. Therefore, he decided to combine his work with his interest in karate and create specialty uniforms. Tokaido was established and is still run from Tokyo, Japan by the Sugiura family. Tokaido provides uniforms worldwide and has several offices and sales outlets in Japan and one in the USA. All Tokaido uniforms and belts are cut and sewn by hand in Nagoya, Japan. The cotton used in the uniforms comes from a century old process that is specifically used when making the best cotton textiles in Japan. So a properly cared for Tokaido uniform can last as long as 10 years! Tokaido still remains the top choice for instructors and competitors.



Tokaido recommends that uniforms be washed after every use in cold water with a simple laundry detergent. To achieve optimum results, allow the uniform to pre-soak for around 20 minutes. After washing, immediately remove the uniform and hang it out to try. Machine drying should be avoided. Follow these steps for a uniform that will stay clean, comfortable and last for many years.

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