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adidas has been paramount in the world of sports for over 80 years. It all began in 1920 when founder Adi Dassler made his first pair of shoes using the few materials available after the First World War.
Today, adidas is one of the world’s leading recognized and respected brands. Passion, authenticity, innovation, inspiration, honesty and commitment – that is what adidas aims to reflect.
adidas’ involvement with martial arts stems from the company’s close relations with top athletes in judo, jiu jitsu, karate and taekwondo, leading to the creation, design and manufacturing of uniforms, apparel and equipment.
Due to this, adidas is dominant in the world of martial arts partnering with The International Judo Federation, World Karate Federation, World Taekwondo Federation, International Boxing Federation and many more.


adidas has long been at the forefront of new ideas, using the latest technologies and materials when creating martial arts uniforms, apparel and equipment.

ClimaCool: An integrated system of technologies that work together to regulate your body temperature. Works to conduct heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin.

ClimaWarm: A lightweight, breathable insulation that keeps you dry and comfortable in cold weather conditions. ClimaWarm uses densely woven synthetic fibres to trap warm air close to the skin. While these fibres are dense enough to trap air, they are spaced far enough apart to easily allow heat-sapping sweat to escape through evaporation.

PUG3 Innovation: Used in adidas karate mitts and other protective gear, a material that looks, feels and performs like leather. It continually absorbs perspiration while remaining supple and impervious to cracking.

I-Protech+: Moulded gloves that absorb shock better through its intelligent mould structure and integrated gel. This technology provides ultimate safety and therefore reduces hand and repetitive strain injuries.

Resistance +20%: Judo uniforms are made from a polycotton blend. Stretch tests have demonstrated that this fabric is 20% stronger than 100% cotton uniforms, and shrinks less by 15%.

2 sizes in 1: In children’s uniforms, this unique patented system includes a removable hem that enables you to change the length of the jacket and trousers, growing with your child.
Most adidas kimonos are made of a special polyester and cotton blend, offering 20% greater resistance to stretching (compared to 100% cotton kimonos) and less shrinkage after washing. Thanks to the unique thread, they can last for 10 years.

In order to maintain your uniform, adidas advises that you wash it inside out in cold water. A simple laundry detergent can be used.
Once washing is finished, the uniform should hang to dry. It is important that you avoid putting the uniform in a dryer as this could cause damage and shrinkage.